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What does it do?

Uplift wants to improve the way athletes, coaches and trainers collaborate on performance and manage sports and fitness injuries. Uplift Lab’s approach features a patented Movement Intelligence Platform performing real-time movement analytics that can analyze a golf swing, footwork while playing tennis, or shooting a basketball to see where the user’s form should be corrected and their technique improved. Uplift Capture, an enterprise-level tool for professional sports teams and athletes that provides 3D kinematics and video processing to record, track and analyze key metrics. The second product is simply Uplift, a biomechanical data, and analysis tool for individual coaches. Coaches can provide In-Person Training & Coach from anywhere using smart video calls and intelligent AI/ML/Drawing tools supporting the process.

Appmetry’s Contribution

Uplift trusted and hired Appmetry to build an iOS application for their Movement Intelligence Platform. The team's engineering skills, professionalism, the quick learning curve on Video and image processing made Uplift expand its services with additional iOS, Android, Quality assurance engineers to build out the data solution. During the time of Covid when the world had stopped, Uplift further wanted to build a biomechanical data and analysis tool for individual coaches to train athletes remotely. Appmetry roped in additional iOS, Android resources was able to build the application seamlessly because of its prior experience in building video chat applications, image, and video data processing.

Key challenges

The steep learning curve to understand Video processing, editing, and analysis at various lower levels of OS architecture. It required niche skills to work on a multi-threading environment to encompass video analysis, capture custom video formats at high FPS, process with AI/ML models, and edit the raw pixel buffers to present the movement analysis output. The team quickly adapted to the changing needs and delivered the outputs consistently.

Technologies used

iOS-Swift, Android-Java+Kotlin, Automation testing-Selenium/Appium Technologies - iOS MPC(Multipeer Connectivity), Apple Watch app, HealthKit, Building custom camera to record at various FPS/Resolutions/Formats, Twilio, Opentok, Apple AI/ML, Video encoding technologies, AWS-Amplify, Stripe, Github, Analytics, Core-graphics for drawing tools on video, firebase tools to improve, test and automate

What they say

Of all contractors that I have worked with, Appmetry has the highest quality of work. We have a designer in-house, and they're able to exactly translate our designs into the code and app. They're very professional, and it's impressive how fast they can turn around our designs because they're fairly complex. I trust them to do their work and deliver.
One thing that's great about Appmetry is that they're incredibly trustworthy. I feel like they're part of the team, and I don't see them as contractors. I know I can rely on them any time we have a problem — they will spend all the time they need, even working during weekends just to get it done.

  • Category : Sports & Fitness
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  • Origin : Palo Alto, CA
  • Duration : > 36 months

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