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What does it do?

Staance is designed to empower everyone's voice and reveal clear insights into the stories that matter today. Staance presents news as short statements that you can't resist agreeing or disagreeing with. This simple, compulsive engagement action captures, visualizes, and more importantly quantifies every user's thoughts on stories that matter today. Staance is the way to trigger conversations and connections between people. Staance offers iOS/Android/React Front end apps for users to engage on their social platform and earn points. They also offer a robust desktop client for Business clients to create and post campaigns to collect insightful data through social & internal campaigns about any topic/products/services. Additionally, a developer website to embed the campaigns on any website.

Appmetry’s Contribution

Staance hired Appmetry to provide engineering services to build an iOS application. The team's engineering skills, commitment, and professional work ethics made Staance expand its services with additional iOS, Android, Backend, Front-end, Quality assurance, Engineering management to build out the complete product solution.

Key challenges

Adapt Firebase on front-end and back-end to implement reactive UI. Build pixel-perfect, highly customized, smooth UI. User experience was the center of Staance products. This required intensive app profiling, caching, achieving 60FPS scrolling in an environment of heavy UI with core graphics. As it was UI-heavy, the app required deep skills for background queues & tasks to have a smooth UI in the lower-end phones as well. Allow users to compose lists even when they’re offline. Make the entire offline /online sync of user’s data extremely seamless. Having deep knowledge of core graphics for custom animation widgets. Manage and scale the engineering team at a fast pace to fit the need.

Technologies used

Technologies: Firebase, Facebook campaign API's, Algolia, Stripe, Gitlab, Analytics, Custom charts, Building slack enabled Admin controls for management, automated survey drawing on Miro, Core-graphics on all platforms, building developer widgets, firebase tools to improve, test, and automate iOS-Swift, Android-Java+Kotlin, Backend-Node.js, FrontEnd-React.js, Automation testing-Selenium/Appium.

What they say

With their problem-solving abilities and team's diverse skill sets, Appmetry Technologies has managed to take on every task assigned to them. They're fast, flexible, and easy to work with On top of that, their quality of work rivals that of the in-house team. It's been absolutely fantastic. The team has delivered on virtually everything we've ever asked them to do. They're timely, easy to work with, and flexible. They have access to resources and engineers for different types of technologies, too. They adhere to a Scrum approach and generally hit their deadlines — that's part of the reason we've worked with them for so long. They deliver higher-quality work than you'd typically get with an outsourced firm, so it feels more like an in-house firm. They're also able to solve problems and do architectural design. Ankish is an excellent engineer. He has an outstanding work ethic and is self motivated. As a remote team member, Ankish was responsible for keeping up with our development velocity, and never let us down. He clearly enjoys writing software and routinely proposed ideas for new features that pleased our users. His knowledge of iOS and mobile development patterns was an asset to our team.

Let's Make Something Amazing Together!

Let's Make Something Amazing Together