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What does it do?

Seven Lakes Technologies is an enterprise software company focused on the upstream oil and gas segment. The company's software offers consulting services as well as provides products that equip the workforce with meaningful insights to take shared action on production, capital expenditures (CAPEX), and operating expenses (OPEX) that focus on improving business drivers and enhancing the execution of customer business strategies, enabling clients to optimise operations and maximise cash flow.

Appmetry’s Contribution

SevenLakes asked us to maintain and develop their iOS oil well management app, FDG. The app captures data, including wells, tanks, metres, equipment, EH&S, chemicals, run ticket images, and geo-location tags. We upgraded code architecture and design patterns while maintaining and debugging the code. We have streamlined the app's variations, previously done on a client-to-client basis, into a single app encompassing all features.

Key challenges

The existing app had been under development for a long time. As such, the code base was primarily written in Objective C libraries, adopting to Objective-C and helping to migrate to Swift with crash free / testable code was challenging. On the other hand, the recent developments in Swift language and the commonly adopted design patterns were added to make it scalable. Furthermore, debugging was tricky when both Swift and Objective C are present in the code in substantial amounts.

Technologies used

iOS-Objective-C, iOS-Swift, iOS Core Data, Caching and Syncing, Auto Sync, Xcode Instruments for Performance Optimization, Github, Firebase for testing, debugging, logging crashes

What they say

Of all contractors that I have worked with, Appmetry has the highest quality of work. We have a designer in-house, and they're able to exactly translate our designs into the code and app. They're very professional, and it's impressive how fast they can turn around our designs because they're fairly complex. I trust them to do their work and deliver.
One thing that's great about Appmetry is that they're incredibly trustworthy. I feel like they're part of the team, and I don't see them as contractors. I know I can rely on them any time we have a problem — they will spend all the time they need, even working during weekends just to get it done.

Let's Make Something Amazing Together!

Let's Make Something Amazing Together