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What does it do?

Easy Eat is an end to end platform for restaurants that offer Table Ordering, Integrated Food Delivery, Food pickup with menus, social media integration services, payment services, loyalty programs and much more.

It lets restaurants integrate with third-party food ordering apps. In addition, it has its delivery infrastructure, including on-demand riders. The consumer interface is based on QR code ordering. Customers scan the code with their smartphones and are taken directly to the restaurant's menu online or mobile application. Payments and reward programs are also accessed through the platform.

Appmetry’s Contribution

Easy Eat hired Appmetry to build iOS and Android apps. Appmetry helped Easy Eat company develop a native mobile version of their app for iOS and Android apps from scratch with best coding practices. In addition, Appmetry was responsible for the core architecture, development, release, and management of the apps.

Key challenges

The existing app had huge scope for re-architecturing for the food ordering domain, code was re-written to make it testable and up to the industry standard. We wrote the app from scratch with CLEAN-ARCHITECTURE and fixed modules with domain knowledge use cases, improved and trained the existing team technically and its collaboration. At first, collaborating with the backend team was challenging, but we gradually developed a scalable process to improve working relationships and ownership while achieving the goals in a timely manner.

Technologies used

Native iOS / Android applications, CLEAN-ARCHITECTURE with MVVM on both iOS & Android, PusherSwift - Web Sockets - listens to active order changes and reloads the UI without user intervention, Google Maps - shows the restaurant and delivery address with the driver's real-time location, RazorMS - Payment gateway - to collect money from users.

What they say

The team is highly experienced in building mobile applications. Their knowledge of architecture, code quality, and building scalable apps is an asset. As a result, they can deliver high-quality output in a fast-paced environment with strict architecture adherence and writing clean, testable code. The team is highly trustable in expanding complete engineering services remotely. They lead the development upfront without any issues. Appmetry managed to tackle all complex problems with high-grade solutions. They're fast, flexible, and easy to work with.

Let's Make Something Amazing Together!

Let's Make Something Amazing Together