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What does it do?

The Probo app provides users with a platform that seeks higher truth and high-quality information on a wide array of topics. These include News, Politics, Cricket, Chess, Finance, Entertainment, Crypto, and many more. You can easily trade and earn by answering questions in a simple Yes/No format. Probo aims at making this trade of opinions and ideas exciting, engaging, and educating (EEE). With Probo, the trade price will give you a pulse of how society thinks of a topic at any point in time.

Appmetry’s Contribution

Probo hired Appmetry to overhaul their existing iOS apps. In addition, Appmetry was responsible for the advancement of core architecture, development, testing, release, and management of the app.

Key challenges

A key challenge in the existing app was absence of proper architecture and software design patterns to accommodate the dynamic data change behaviour of the app. The code quality had a large scope of improvement to use latest patterns to make the app scalable, resulting in multiple module breakdowns during regression testing. Appmetry built various custom UI components to reflect the fast changing designs. The Probo team collaborated well with us and helped us understand their business use cases and build a scalable/testable app.

Technologies used

Firebase real-time database to listen to data change. Cashfree - Payment gateway.

  • Category : FinTech, Social Networking
  • Website :
  • Origin : Gurugram, India
  • Duration : > 12 months

Let's Make Something Amazing Together!

Let's Make Something Amazing Together