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What does it do?

Telehealer is a telehealth platform that allows patients to visit doctors remotely through a private and secure audio/video call. The telehealth platform can collect patient vitals and record interactions. It gives an easy, convenient, and flexible option to get timely care at a lower cost to both the doctor and the patient. Telehealer makes offering remote patient monitoring (RPM), chronic care management (CCM), and behavioral health integration (BHI) practical.

Appmetry’s Contribution

Telehealer hired Appmetry to provide iOS engineering services. The team's commitment, strong engineering & problem-solving skills enabled the team to build a scalable solution at a fast pace. Telehealer then extended the responsibility to build out a similar full-blown Android application. The team built separate apps for Patients and Doctors for both iOS and Android platforms.

Key challenges

Develop a sleek HIPAA compliant video calling platform with CallKit. Integrating various third-party medical devices. Robust integration with Apple Health / Google Fit Integration, Rich and user-friendly UI with custom animations with core graphics.

Technologies used

iOS-Swift, Android-Java
Technologies - iOS-Swift, Android-Java+Kotlin Integration of Bluetooth medical devices, Opentok, Apple Health / Google Fit Integration, Medical Device Integration, Siri Compatible, Transcript, HIPAA compliant, End to end encryption, various communication management like messaging In-app Patient Consent, Document Management, letters, etc.

Let's Make Something Amazing Together!

Let's Make Something Amazing Together