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What does it do?

CipherBoard wants to create a private channel within any app using a secured custom keyboard. The keyboard sends an encrypted text message, which is decrypted on the receiver's end by using the keyboard. This way, the content is secure even from the hosting app. It includes all classic features like word prediction, auto-correct, emojis. Uniquely, it enables sending cryptocurrency to your contacts using the keyboard. It is one of the most secure encrypted keyboard apps.

Appmetry’s Contribution

Cipherboard hired Appmetry to provide engineering services to build an iOS application. The team's problem-solving skills and strong engineering fundamentals enabled them to grasp the encryption technologies quickly and implement them. Cipherboard then extended the responsibility to build out a similar Android app.

Key challenges

Research and implement robust secure communication protocols. Implementing raw secure-enclave APIs in iOS for highly secured encryption. Efficient memory management with auto-release pools to accommodate the needs of the fully-featured keyboard. Build a highly customized Keyboard extension on iOS & Android. Adapt to the latest encryption technologies with cross-platform communication in iOS & Android. High background DB transactions with offline capabilities.

Technologies used

iOS-Swift, Android-Java

Technologies - Custom keyboard widgets, Various Encryption technologies, Secure logging, iOS Secure Enclave, cryptocurrency APIs, Custom Loggers, Analytics, Realm database.

What they say

Their whole team is flexible and committed to our project. They've built robust solutions. Appmetry Technologies delivered high-functioning solutions. Their developers work autonomously, efficiently managing their workload and completing tasks on schedule. They asked valuable questions until they felt comfortable enough to start the complex development process. Given our project's level of technical complexity, there was minimum knowledge and documentation present from other completed projects about the protocols, blockchain platforms, tokens supported etc. Appmetry Technologies did a deep research on these and asked us numerous relevant questions and support as required to build a scalable solution. The manner in which the engineers grasped the complex technologies and provided suggestions to architect the product was impressive.

Let's Make Something Amazing Together!


Let's Make Something Amazing Together